John Alva Leger and the Lucky Deuces at the Liberty Theater, Dec. 6, 2014
2017 update: John Alva Leger's current band is named the Pas Bon Playboys.

John Alva Leger, who was born in Biloxi, Miss., but has deep family roots and connections in Southwest Louisiana, brought along two of Iry LeJeune’s grandsons to the Liberty Theater, Dec. 6, 2014, for a special performance with his band, the Lucky Deuces. Leger on accordion and Robert Richard on guitar took turns singing Iry LeJeune songs accompanied by Toby Richard on bass. Milfred Newman (son of drummer Morris Newman) played drums, and Travis Benoit was on fiddle. Earlier in the day, Leger was guest musician at the weekly Vermilionville jam session in Lafayette along with 96-year-old Milton Vanicor, who decades ago played with Iry LeJeune. Ray Landry, the organizer pf the jam sessions, served as host of the Liberty show.

In addition to photos taken Dec. 6, I have included a few shots from Leger’s performance at the Liberty in 2004 with the Débris Cajun Band. (The earlier band’s name Débris, incidentally, refers to a dish that combines various leftover animal parts like organs with onions, rice, and anything else to make good use of what God has provided.)
Although John Leger was born in Mississippi, at a very young age he discovered his true identity as a Cajun musician during a visit to Welsh, where he was so fascinated by his grandfather's accordion that he tore it apart. After it was refurbished by Ervin LeJeune (son of Iry LeJeune), it was shipped to Biloxi, and at age 5 Leger learned to play Iry LeJeune's "J'ai fait une grosse erreur." When the family moved back to Lacassine, John was invited by Ellis Vanicor to give his first public performance at a community center where he received an enthusiastic response from the crowd. For more on John Alva Leger’s musical history, go to

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