Les Bons Sons at the Liberty Theater, June 14, 2014
Les Bons Sons, a group of young Cajun musicians, got a standing ovation from the audience after their performance at the Liberty Theater June 14, 2014. They are part of a long tradition at the Liberty, which for 27 years has always served as a showcase for young talent. With support from parents and an older generation of Cajun musicians, children continue to learn the music and language, to join groups, and to perform in public.

Les Bons Sens consists of brother and sister fiddlers, Madeleine Brown, age 10, and Beau Brown, age 12; Michael Boudreaux, age 14, on guitar; and Laykin Usie, age 9, on drums and accordion. Laykin’s father, Gary Usie, plays electric bass with the group.

Les Bons Sons played several instrumental numbers featuring fiddles including “Reel de Joie,” “Chez Seychelles” (by Michael Doucet), “Blue Runner” and an instrumental version of “Bosco Stomp.”

All of the band members often joined in on the vocal choruses with Michael Boudreaux handling the lead on “Tit yeux noirs,” “La porte d’en arrière,” and “J’ai passé devant ta porte” and Madeleine Brown taking the lead on “Battle of New Orleans” and “Tes parents veulent plus me voir.”

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