Advien’ Quepeux and The Good Times at the Liberty Theater, May 3, 2014
Advien’ Quepeux and The Good Times, a family band from Savoie in the French Alps, brought their own unique version of Cajun music to the Liberty Theater May 3, 2014, during a tour of South Louisiana. They performed a wide range of Cajun songs as well as Creole tunes from Canray Fontenot with a lot of energy, passion, and an obvious love of the music. They are also the first Cajun band I’ve ever seen with a tuba player bringing an extra umph to the bass notes. The band was formed in 2007 by Advien’ Quepeux and his brothers. The late Hadley Castille and his granddaughter, Sarah Jayde Williams, were guest musicians on the band’s second recording, a CD titled “Francajun Trail Ride,” released in 2011.

At their Liberty performance, Advien’ Quepeux handled vocals and played guitar. Other members of the group were Sauveur Quepeux, vocals and accordion; Harvey Quepeux, drums and percussion; Dan Quepeux, tuba (sousaphone); Junior Quepeux (he joined the band after the others, but I think he is also a brother), vocals, banjo, accordion, and lapsteel; Yanick Nehring, fiddle and rubboard. The show was hosted by Fred Charlie.

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