The Vidrine-Chapman Family Band at the Liberty Theater, May 26, 2012
The Vidrine-Chapman Family Band at the Liberty Theater May 26, 2012, consisted of John Vidrine on fiddle, accordion, and vocals, Jane Vidrine on guitar and vocals, Eric Chapman on fiddle and vocals, Jo Vidrine on bass, Michael Stafford on drums, and Michael Chapman on triangle.

The performance reunited the Vidrines with Eric Chapman, a grandson of Sady Courville and great nephew of Dennis McGee. He and his brother, Clay, who died in 2008, performed their ancestors’ twin fiddling music, including an extraordinary set at the Liberty Theater that I remember from 1999. The Vidrines used to play with the Chapman brothers. Jane Vidrine captured some of their practice sessions on a cassette recorder. Four digitally enhanced songs from those sessions are included on a 2011 CD, “ReCollections: Cajun Favorites—John and Jane Vidrine with family and friends,” released on the Sauterelle label and available on the Vidrines’ website, The CD also includes two tunes from a session with Mitch Reed and songs from a studio gathering of musicians that included Ed Poullard, David Greely, and Steve Riley, plus songs with the Vidrines’ children featuring Emilie on vocals and Joseph on bass.

At the 2012 Liberty performance, Eric Chapman played some beautiful twin fiddling with John Vidrine. John then switched to accordion, and the full band played some superb traditional Cajun music for the rest of the show.

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