Jesse Belleau and Cajun Melody at the Liberty Theater, March 19 and Nov. 26, 2011
Jesse Belleau and Cajun Melody returned to the Liberty Theater March 19, 2011, for the first time in many years and then performed again on Nov. 26. I recall photographing him performing with Howard Noel Jr. when I first started taking pictures on a regular basis at the Liberty. Several years before then in 1996 at age 18, Jesse Belleau released a CD on the Lanor label.

At the first 2011 performance, Jesse Belleau on accordion once again teamed with Howard Noel on drums and vocals to play songs like “Valse de Kaplan,” “J’aimerais te pardoner,” “Crowley Two-Step,” “Valse de Heritage,” “Amédé Two-Step,” “Fi Fi Poncho,” “Rêve de soûlard,” and “’Tit galop pour la Pointe aux Pins.” It’s good to have Jesse Belleau back.

At the Nov. 26 show, he played more great Cajun music with some really fast-fingered accordion work. George Prejean did a good job handling the vocals.

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