Old Photos from the 1970s taken at LSU at Eunice
This set includes some photographs from the second half of the 1970s that I took at dances on the LSU at Eunice campus inside the Acadian Center while I was advisor to the campus newspaper, long before I began my project in 1999 of photographing Cajun and zydeco musicians from the area.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the original photographs of Clifton Chenier, Dennis McGee, and Rockin’ Dopsie, so the images I uploaded were scanned from the school newspaper (The Bayou Bengal) or the yearbook (Le Tigre). The dance was held on a Sunday in March 1976 starting at 3 p.m., beginning with the Mamou Hour Band (from the radio show at Fred’s), followed by Rockin’ Dopsie, and ending with Clifton Chenier. The quality of the photos is poor, but it’s all I have. At the time, I was aware that Clifton Chenier had quite a following, but I knew almost nothing about the musicians I was photographing.

Some time during fall 1976, Jack Leger and the Cajun All-Stars played at a dance hosted by the International Club. I still don’t know anything about him, other than the fact that he released a 45 on the Lanor label and apparently at times played with the Mamou Hour Band. Tina Pilione has a photo on her site of Jack Leger at a Savoy Music Center jam.

I’m not sure when the Sam Brothers 5 played at LSUE. I believe it was during the lunch hour. The only photos I have show Leon Sam on accordion.

The Student Government Association hosted “Cajun Day” in April or May 1979. I have several photos of Dewey Balfa, who had lost his other musical brothers in a tragic road accident earlier in the year. A couple of shots show Bois Sec Ardoin and Vinesse LeJeune, with Canray Fontenot partially obscured behind them. I knew who Dewey Balfa was, but had no idea what I was really photographing and thus, among many missed opportunities, never took a decent photo of Canray.

For a listing of Cajun and Zydeco bands and Mardi Gras photos included on these Flickr pages, go to www.cajunzydecophotos.com
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