The Babineaux-Fuselier Cajun Band at the Liberty Sept. 18, 2010
The Babineaux/Fuselier Cajun Band includes 12-year-old Gracie Babineaux on accordion, fiddle, and vocals and her 10-year-old sister, Julie Babineaux on guitar and vocals. The sisters originally lived in Forked Island, Louisiana, but now reside in Meaux. They have been playing music for nearly five years.

The Babineaux sisters previously appeared at the Liberty with the Fricassee Cajun Band, but they now have a new partner, 13-year-old Zachary Fuselier from Scott. Zachary, who first took up the fiddle in January 2010, is another very musically talented young Cajun who also handles some of the vocals.

At the end of their performance at the Liberty Sept. 18, 2010, the Babineaux-Fuselier Cajun Band received a well-deserved standing ovation.

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