Calico and the Off-Brand Band at the Liberty Theater Aug. 21, 2010
Calico and the Off-Brand Band released an album titled “Pictures” in 2009 that features original songs that are often pensive, meditative, or quietly reflective and always beautiful. Fawn Larson Roy and Rebecca Richard, who met at Cajun jam sessions at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette, combined harmony vocals and a mixture of harmonica, fiddle, piano, guitar, and bass to create lovely, evocative songs with titles like “Stay for a While,” “Darkness,” “Sweetly Vulnerable,” “Nowhere,” and “You Are the World.” Only one song, an original waltz named “Ils Sont Partis,” is in French.

At their 2009 performance in the Louisiana Folk Roots tent during Festivals Acadiens et Créoles, they performed additional French songs, joined by Joe Vidrine on bass and Colin Gould on percussion. In their debut performance at the Liberty Theater, Aug. 21, 2010, everything was in French. In addition to several original songs, they performed their versions of “Valse Criminelle,” “Back of Town” (first as a jig, then as a two-step), “Evangeline Waltz,” “J’étais au bal” (performed as a fiddlesticks number in which Rebecca Richard taps on the strings of Fawn Roy’s fiddle), “Port Arthur Blues,” and “Jolies joues roses.”

Instead of a diachronic harmonica, the norm among the few musicians who occasionally play harmonica in Cajun bands, Fawn Roy plays the chromatic harmonica, which she first picked up at age six. That alone gives a unique sound to several songs, but really everything in the performance by Calico and the Off-Brand Band of Cajun music is uniquely appealing.

For more information and upcoming gigs, check out their MySpace page: or look up their Facebook page.

If you are reading this within a week or so of their Liberty Theater performance, a podcast of the Aug. 21 Rendez-vous des Cajuns show should be available for a very limited time on KRVS’s web site.

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