Jimmy C. Newman at 2009 Festivals Acadiens et Créoles
Jimmy C. Newman at 2009 Festivals Acadiens et Créoles in Girard Park, Lafayette, Saturday, Oct. 10.

Update: Jimmy C. Newman died June 21, 2014, in Nashville at the age of 86 following a brief illness. He was born in High Point near Mamou in 1927. The news story about his passing said that he and his band had performed at the Grand Ole Opry as recently as early June 2014.

Jimmy C. Newman, Jo-El Sonnier, and Doug Kershaw were the honorees at this year's festival. billed as a “Cajun Country Homecoming.” With their musical ability and their charisma on stage, they took their heritage and developed a national following. Jimmy C. Newman got top billing at 1974’s “Tribute to Cajun Music,” the event that evolved into Festivals Acadiens. At the 2009 festival, he closed his performance with his big hit from back then, “Lâche pas la patate.” The crowd cheered and sang the chorus together. This set also includes photos of him at a workshop sponsored by Louisiana Folk Roots.

During Jimmy's set, Vin Bruce, another veteran Cajun musician who gained a national audience, sang as well.

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