Bombes 2 Bal at 2009 Balfa camp
Bombes 2 Bal, a French group, visited Louisiana in April 2009, appearing at a variety of venues, including performances during the Dewey Balfa Cajun and Creole Heritage Week at Chicot State Park.

Bombes 2 Bal is from Toulouse. An English Wikipedia entry says that the group sings in both the French and the Occitan languages. "Generally they use local instruments from the southwest of France," but they also incorporate music from northeast Brazil. Occitan was a language of medieval troubadours (a Wikipedia entry gives more background). Googling Bombes 2 Bal will bring up the band's official web site and MySpace pages.

As part of their performance, Bombes 2 Bal gets the crowd involved in various dances. Their music is different from Cajun music, but, like Cajun bands, they have a unique sound, a lot of energy, and an abundance of talent that won over American crowds.

Here's the Wikipedia explanation of the band's name: The name is a play on words, based on two French expressions "C'est De La Balle" and "C'est De La Bombe," both roughly meaning "Things are great" but there is a degree of poetic licence or nuances in each of these meanings.

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