Blair Kilpatrick visits the LSU at Eunice campus
Blair Kilpatrick, author of the 2009 book “Accordion Dreams: A Journey into Cajun and Creole Music” (published by the University Press of Mississippi), visited the LSU at Eunice campus April 17, 2009, to give a noontime presentation on her book and an evening performance in the LSUE Performing Arts Series.

The book offers a beautifully written personal account of how a 39-year-old psychologist with no musical background was captivated by the music she heard on a brief visit to Louisiana and the way she pursued her dreams of playing the music herself. In describing that journey, Kilpatrick also gives us insights into the Cajun music scene in Chicago, her encounters on visits to Louisiana with musicians like Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy, and Bois Sec Ardoin, her experiences during Cajun Week at the Augusta Heritage Arts Center in West Virginia, and, after she and her husband, Steve Tabak, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in California, their friendship with her most important mentor, the late Danny Poullard, the leader until his death in 2001 of what continues to be the most significant Cajun and Creole music scene outside Louisiana. Anyone interested in Louisiana French music will especially enjoy this narrative, but, beyond that, Blair Kilpatrick’s account of the way her life was transformed pursing her dream should appeal to all readers. She has a personal website ( and a web site for her band, Sauce Piquante (

The photos in the set were taken during her evening performance at LSUE. Other musicians are Kevin Courville and Steve Tabak on fiddle; Tommy Michot and Jude Moreau on guitar and accordion.

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