Elton "Bee" Cormier
Note: Elton "Bee" Cormier died April 22, 2018, at the age of 84. Here is a link to his obituary, which describes his many, many contributions to the promotion and preservation of Cajun music, especially his role in helping young musicians: www.guidryfuneralhome.com/obituary/4789247.

Elton "Bee" Cormier, who formed the Church Point Playboys in 1949 when he was still in high school, has been a major force in the preservation of Cajun music. Beginning in 1962 Cormier decided to bring young musicians into his band to give them a start. Each would play with the Church Point Playboys for a few years before going out on their own: Jimmy Venable, Felton LeJeune, Reggie Matte, who was 14 when he joined the Playboys in 1965, Terry Cormier, and Jason Frey, among others.

Also shown in this set of photos are Bee Cormier's son, Barry, who is a top Cajun vocalist, and his late grandson, Matthew Cormier, a member of Travis Matte and the Kingpins who tragically died in a construction accident in 2007.

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