Harry LaFleur
Harry Lee LaFleur was born in 1933 in Swords just east of Eunice and north of Church Point. According to the liner notes in his 2002 CD Kathleen's Crown of Roses, when he was about six years old he became interested in Cajun music, inspired by his grandfather, who played fiddle. He also watched and listened to his brother Raymond, who played with Iry LeJeune. Although Harry LaFleur at first was a guitarist, he eventually switched to fiddle. He played with such legendary musicians as Iry LeJeune, Dennis McGee, Nathan Abshire, and Wallace "Cheese" Read.

During the 1950s, LaFleur had a radio show on KSLO in Opelousas and also led his own band, Harry and the Louisiana Aces. He dropped out of music for many years while operating a body repair shop, but at the urging of his wife, Kathleen, and with the revival of interest in Cajun music, he formed another band, Harry and the Cajuns. Other members included Mark de Basile (Mark Meier), Vincent Fontenot, Eston Bellow, Claudia Wood, and Ricky Duhon.

In 1984, he founded the Cajun French Music Association, which has grown to more than 2000 member families and ten chapters in Louisiana and Texas. Each year he performs at the start of the CFMA's annual festival in Lafayette.

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