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The 32nd annual Festival International de Louisiane was held in downtown Lafayette Wednesday through Sunday, April 25-29, 2018. Every day except Thursday, I drove down to Lafayette to take photos of Cajun and Zydeco musicians performing at the festival as well as a few photos of groups from the Acadian region of Canada.

This year for the first time I purchased a Bons Temps pass that included access to a barricaded side stage viewing area at Scène Laborde Earles Law Firm Fais Do do and Scène TV5Monde. The side stage view offered a good angle for some shots of the drummer and other band members who are not at the front of the stage, but, understandably, pass-holders were not permitted to move around the stage to get better angles for photography, so I took most of my photos standing on the ground in front of the stage. The pass did offer a big advantage for photographers at two stages. Both Scène LUS Internationale and Scène TV5Monde had barricaded front-row areas for Bons Temps pass holders. Instead of struggling in the middle of the crowd to get shots with an 80-400 lens mounted with a teleconverter, I was close to the stage. I was able to maneuver around the other pass holders in the front-row area without much difficulty. When I purchased the 5-day pass in March, it cost $150. Closer to the festival, the price increased to $200.

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