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This collection includes 39 sets of photographs taken at 2013 Festivals Acadiens et Créoles, Girard Park, Lafayette, LA, the evening of Friday, Oct. 11, and all day Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 12 and 13. I moved back and forth between the two main stages, Scène Ma Louisiane and Scène Mon Héritage, with stops in between at the Salle de Danse tent and at the Louisiana Folk Roots atelier tent.

I managed to get shots of 34 bands (including a couple bands at the LFR tent) and four LFR workshops. Almost all of the photos were taken while I was standing in the crowd. If the crowd was really packed, I could not easily change my position, and I often had to try to maneuver my lens to aim at musicians while avoiding people’s heads in the crowd. In a few cases, when squeezing in to get a good position would have been especially difficult and would have taken more time that it was worth, I passed up a band’s performance.

In most cases, I tried to rely on the Nikon D4’s high ISO capabilities and did not use much flash. I probably should have added more flash to some of the shots inside the Salle de Danse tent. Since I try to avoid direct flash, the limited lighting at Scène Mon Héritage after dark Saturday proved especially challenging. Throughout the festival, I also had to keep nudging my 70-200 lens to engage the autofocus, but, all in all, the festival was a very enjoyable, my favorite event out of the entire year.

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