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This collection includes set for 28 of the bands performing on the two stages at 2010 Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, held Oct. 9-10, in Girard Park, Lafayette, LA. Also included are a few photos of each of the 10 workshops hosted by Louisiana Folk Roots. Downtown Alive!, held Oct. 8, is also included because it is now part of the festival. I was unfortunately a few minutes late to the Ma Louisiane stage Oct. 10 for Ray Abshire's performance this year, the only group from the stages I was unable to photograph. This year's honoree was Wayne Toups.

Since Louisiana is in a drought, dancers were kicking up plenty of dust this year, some of which eventually wound up on my camera sensor on Sunday. I removed a few spots that were obvious in the background sky in the Wayne Toups set but did not try to correct the problem globally.

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