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According to the newspaper obituary, Ulysse “Tonkin” Poirrier Sr., 73, died Wednesday, September 5, 2012, in New Iberia.

The obituary continued: “Tonkin” loved Cajun French Music, and had a passion for playing the steel guitar. Throughout his 54-year career in Cajun music, he played with many different bands including Bayou Buck Roux’s, Shute Badeaux and The Louisiana Aces, Maison and Carroll Menard, Aldus Mouton and The Wandering Aces, Leeman Prejean and The Happy Playboys, Danny Brasseaux and The Wandering Aces, Donny Broussard and The Louisiana Star and The Bayou Teche Playboys. His steel guitar can be heard on numerous recordings dating back to 1966. In 1984, Mr. Poirrier wrote his first song “Musician avec un Coeur Cassé” ("Musician with a Broken Heart"), and “Cher ’Tit Coeur” ("Dear Little Heart"), which were recorded at La Louisiane under his own label, Belle Records. With Danny Brasseaux and Cajun Express (1992), he cut his first album, “Memories of Mama,” which won a CFMA award.

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