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Note: D.L. Menard died July 26, 2017, at the age of 85 after a long illness. It's hard to imagine him gone: he was so full of life, even in a wheelchair at the final performance with his family In early July. His eyes sparkled when he smiled and joked with the crowd. It was a transforming experience to hear and watch him tell stories in a uniquely emphatic Cajun voice accompanied by broad gestures with his hands and arms through which he shared his inexhaustible vitality with everyone. His song “La porte d’en arrière” is the true Cajun National Anthem. He wrote many other wonderful songs. His music and his performances were always honest and heartfelt, an extension of who he was, full of love and joy that enriched the lives of everyone he encountered.

“C’est pas de la pluie qu’après tomber, c’est juste les anges qu’après pleurer.”

Photos of D.L. Menard are also included in a number of other sets, including sets of the annual Old Time Country Show and the Hank Williams Tribute at the Liberty Theater.

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