Folk art by Seaux-N-Seau (Geraldine) Soileau at the Prairie Acadian Cultural Center
During a visit to the Prairie Acadian Cultural Center the Saturday before Mardi Gras, I took a few photographs of an exhibit of folk art by Acadian artist Seaux-N-Seau (Geraldine) Soileau. Soileau’s work, often inspired by stories her parents and grandparents told her as a child, depicts Cajun and Creole culture in whimsical ways that are playfully engaging and uplifting. Soileau explained, “When I’ve been gone a thousand years I want my art to continue to tell the stories that brought joy, courage, and hope to my life with such a childlike enthusiasm that it causes the viewer to seek joy, courage, and hope in their own lives.”

Visitors to the exhibit, which will be on display through April 29, 2020, will be able read short explanatory descriptions under each work. The center (250 Park Ave., 337-457-8499) is open 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 9 a.m.-6:00 on Saturday.

When I looked through the photographs after Mardi Gras, I decided I needed to re-take some shots to improve the framing. When I returned to the center Feb. 29, Soileau and Park Ranger Anita Segall were working on re-positioning the exhibit, so I got them to pose for a photo in front of a few of the works that are on display.

For official photographs of her works and information about availability of prints, go to her website:

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