Feufollet Through the Years, Festivals Acadiens et Créoles, Oct. 13, 2019
Feufollet celebrated 20 years of innovative musical achievements, adding new dimensions to traditional Cajun music and creating original contemporary songs in both French and English. Their performance at Scène Ma Louisiane during Festivals Acadiens et Créoles late Sunday afternoon, Oct. 13, 2019, included band members from years past doing some of their many memorable songs and current members performing more recent compositions. During the summer of 1999 when I first decided to try to put together web pages on Cajun and zydeco bands, I remember purchasing the first CD from a young group then known as La Bande Feufollet and being really impressed by their recordings that to me sounded better than some of the “adult” bands. They were children then, but already on par with other bands that had been around for a long time. In subsequent years, they’ve gotten only better and better. Their new CD, “Prends Courage: A 20-Year Retrospective,” has 20 cuts that offer a selection of their best recordings from the past along with three new or previously unreleased songs (I purchased my copy at the festival merchandise tent): feufollet.net/merch/.

I left about halfway through the set so that I could make it over to Scène Mon Héritage to catch Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys before their set ended.

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