Rosie Ledet at the Creole Renaissance Festival in Rayne Aug. 31, 2019
Rosie Ledet still has the captivating voice, the propulsive accordion rhythm, and the classic zydeco moves that attracted a crowd next to the stage to enjoy her performance at the Creole Renaissance Festival in the Rayne Civic Center Aug. 31, 2019. Midway into the set, she announced that her daughter was joining her playing rubboard, but I didn’t catch her name. After Rosie did “I’m Gonna Take Care of Your Dog,” one of her legendary double-entendre songs, I headed back to a festival in Opelousas to photograph one more band before returning to my home in Eunice.

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Since I used available light to avoid distracting everyone with flash, the strong, alternating colors of the stage lights created a considerable photographic challenge. I converted one photo to black and white. The dark red stage lighting could be softened in post processing, but the result almost looks like sepia.

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