Dexter Ardoin at the Creole Renaissance Festival in Rayne Aug. 31, 2019
Dexter Ardoin, joined by his son, Cyrus, on rubboard, performed Ardoin family versions of traditional Creole music at the Creole Renaissance Festival in the Rayne Civic Center. Keith Frank, who organized the festival, played electric guitar with the band.

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The last time I attended the festival, it was held at the outdoor pavilion in Rayne but has since moved to the Rayne Civic Center next door. This year, the stage was set up at one end of the large, air-conditioned Civic Center with most lighting turned off except for the stage lights. Since I didn’t want to distract everyone with flash and therefore used available light, the strong, alternating colors of the stage lights created a considerable photographic challenge. Nothing in Lightroom could sufficiently modify strong blue or grey lighting, so I converted a couple of photos to black and white or sepia.

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