More 2019 Festival International: Flying Balalaika Brothers, Gato Preto, Crowd Outside Chat Room
In addition to Louisiana groups, I photographed a couple of the many other bands performing at Festival International de Louisiane, held April 24-28, 2019, in downtown Lafayette. I caught the first thirty minutes of performances by the Flying Balalaika Brothers, a "Russian Rromani ( Gypsy) Rock" band that blends modern and traditional sounds ( and Gato Preto (“black cat” in Portuguese), a Pan-African group that combines an international blend of contemporary African rhythms with dance interpretations that are at once powerful, beautiful, and mysterious. (

I’m also including one shot of the large crowd at the finale of the performance by Doctor Nativo at the KATC / Louisiana Folk Root Chat Room stage Saturday afternoon April 27, 2019. This used to be the location of Scène Heritage, which was eliminated when a sponsor could not be found and funding had to be cut. The crowd is really enjoying the music of Doctor Nativo even though they can’t see much of the band under the small Chat Room tent.

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