34th Eunice World Championship Crawfish Étouffée Cook-Off, March 31, 2019
The 34th Eunice World Championship Crawfish Étouffée Cook-Off was held at the Northwest Community Center Pavilion on a grey, windy, very chilly wintery day March 31, 2019. At one point, Jason Frey, leader of the band Lagniappe, jokingly announced that their next song would be “The North Pole Two Step.” People still turned out to enjoy crawfish étouffée prepared by nearly 40 teams competing in several divisions to receive awards for the best étouffée and for the best booth based on showmanship. The event was organized by the Eunice Chamber of Commerce in an agreement with the St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission and the City of Eunice and supported by a number of sponsors. For more information, go to www.etouffeecookoff.org/ or www.facebook.com/crawfish.etouffee.

I arrived at about 10:45 and stayed until about 12:45 when I returned home to warm up and to eat my diabetic friendly lunch. (I missed out on what I know was some really delicious étouffée.) I had planned to get shots of dancers when I returned at 2:00, but, by then, as a cold wind continued to whip through the pavilion, only a small number of dancers remained so I didn’t get any photos I wanted to upload. I did get photos of the three bands that played during the cook-off, taken, as always at the pavilion, against strong backlighting for which I tried to compensate by using limited direct flash but still wound up attempting to adjust in Lightroom. I also took photos at a few booths.

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