Lundi Gras Boucherie, Lakeview Park, March 4, 2019
When I arrived at Lakeview Park at 8 a.m. March 4, 2019, for the annual Lundi Gras Boucherie, the freshly killed pig was laid out on a table near the barn, and the preparation crew was already busy at work starting the process of cleaning the carcass to remove hair before the actual butchering. When they poured scalding hot water over the pig, a very chilly north wind whipped clouds of steam into the air. Soon, Toby Rodriguez, who has demonstrated his mastery of the art of the boucherie on a nationwide tour, was standing atop a sturdy table and expertly carving up the pig with surgical precision into pieces that were then delivered to cooks who prepared items like boudin, cracklins (gratons), fressures, backbone stew, hog head cheese, and barbecue. For more about the process and Toby Rodriguez, go to

Everyone could purchase food tickets to buy boucherie dishes when each item was ready.

Jean Bertrand and the 99 Playboys provided music in the barn from 9:30-11 a.m. The Choupique Cajun Band performed 12:30-3:30. When I left a little after 1:00, the dance floor was filling up, and everyone was sampling boucherie delicacies that as they became available.

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