Michot’s Melody Makers at Downtown Alive! Parc International, Lafayette, March 8, 2019
Michot’s Melody Makers, the new group Louis Michot formed after the Grammy-winning Lost Bayou Ramblers went on hiatus, performed at Downtown Alive! in Parc International, March 8, 2019. The band played a number of songs from their first recording, “Blood Moon” (go to michotsmelodymakers.bandcamp.com/ for details). Later in the evening, after I left, Louis Michot and guest musician Corey Ledet performed with the evening’s second band, Givers: twitter.com/i/status/1104206583511334912.

It was cloudy with light rain during part of the performance, which began at about sunset. Overhead lights high above the stage caused backlighting for the front part of the stage, which received no direct illumination, so, after trying a number of available light shots, I finally resorted to low power (1/128th output) direct flash to provide a little direct light in combination with high ISOs for that area of the stage.

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