Stop the Violence Concert, Feed and Seed, Lafayette, July 12, 2018
The photos in this album were taken during part of the Stop the Violence Concert at the Feed and Seed in downtown Lafayette July 12, 2018.
De’Lanzo Veal, who was well-known on the zydeco trail ride circuit, died in a shooting during a birthday party at a ranch popular with trail riders. In response to that tragedy and as a way of raising awareness about violence and advancing zydeco in a positive way, Amos Patrick Cravins III organized the Stop the Violence Concert. Zydeco band leaders Jeffery Broussard, Deuce Chambers, Bryan Keith, and Nathan Plumbar worked to put on the event, along with many other musicians and volunteers. The concert was free, but attendees could make a donation at the door to assist Veal’s family.

The concert started at 7 p.m. I arrived about 7:45 in time to catch inspirational neo-soul vocals performed by Ignatious Carmouche, who appeared on the NBC series “The Voice.” Then, it was time for zydeco, beginning with Nathan Plumbar and followed by T-Broussard, Beau Bayou, Double Trouble Zydeco (twins Benjamin and Bervick Guillory), and Deuce Chambers. I assume additional musicians took the stage after I left at about 9:30 to return to Eunice.

Note: On July 16, I replaced several photos with updated ones to correct a focus problem caused by having the Lightroom adjustment brush on the wrong sharpness setting.

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