Jourdan Thibodeaux et Les Rôdailleurs CD Release at the Blue Moon Saloon, Feb. 11, 2018
After catching part of the set by Jourdan Thibodeaux et Les Rôdailleurs at 2017 Festivals Acadiens et Créoles, I was hoping they would record a CD. When I saw they had scheduled a CD release party at the Blue Moon Saloon the Sunday before Mardi Gras (Feb. 11, 2018), I knew I had to go. The place was really packed. I managed to squeeze myself in front of the stage, but I had no room to maneuver and wound up taking many wide angle shots to try to cover more than a narrow field of vision. I also decided against any bounce flash and tried to manage with the limited stage lighting with adjustments in post-processing.

Musicians at the Blue Moon while I was there included Jourdan Thibodeaux on fiddle, accordion, and vocals; Cedric Watson on accordion, fiddle, and vocals; Joel Savoy on guitar; Alan Lafleur on upright bass; Sean Bruce and Jay Miller on drums. Since it was way past my bedtime, I left after taking some photos and getting my copy of the CD.

In the CD, titled “Boue, Boucane, et Bouteilles,” Jourdan Thibodeaux has drawn deeply on the Cajun and especially the Creole traditions to create twelve new songs with original, inventive French lyrics about working hard, living hard, and loving hard. While the music might fit the general category of progressive roots, reminiscent in ways of some songs by groups like the Lost Bayou Ramblers or Filé, the CD is really a unique achievement. The sounds range from pulsating passion to soulful blues, from aching sorrow to pure joy. The CD is available from Valcour Records for only $12. Check out four sample tracks and the French lyrics with English translations at

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