The Daiquiri Queens at the Faquetigue Lundi Gras Dance, Holiday Lounge, Mamou, March 4, 2019
These photos of the Daiquiri Queens were taken at about 7:45 p.m. during first few minutes of their performance at a Lundi Gras Dance sponsored by the Faquetigue Mardi Gras Courir at the legendary Holiday Lounge on the outskirts of Mamou. I tried to use limited bounce-from-behind flash and high ISO to capture the myriad colorful lights draped along the walls and ceiling, reflected in mirrors, and the brightly illuminated bandstand floor, all dating from decades ago. For more about the Holiday, go to or, or

After taking a few photos, I left to return to downtown Eunice to take a few quick shots of Bubba Hebert and the New Morse Playboys before their set ended at 8:30. For more information on the Daiquiri Queens, an excellent new Cajun band that will be performing at 2019 Festival International in Lafayette, go to

For a listing of Cajun and Zydeco bands and Mardi Gras photos included on these Flickr pages, go to or
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