Liberty Theater Mardi Gras Show, Eunice, LA, Feb. 25, 2017
Jesse Lege and Friends performed at the Liberty Theater’s annual Mardi Gras Show, which included a raucous visit by the Basile Mardi Gras who danced, sang their song led by Russell “Potic” Rider, and then circulated among the crowd begging for money. In addition to Jesse Lege on accordion ad vocals, band members included Gina Forsyth on fiddle; Jane Vidrine on rhythm guitar and vocals; Orsy Vanicor on steel guitar; and Morris Newman on drums. Barry Ancelet hosted the show.

In the past, I’ve always used bounce flash while photographing the Mardi Gras dancing in the less well lit areas of the floor in front of the stage. This year, I discovered that, after years of use, my rechargeable flash batteries were dead, so I had to take all of the photos with available light, pushing the camera’s ISO up to 20,000. Viewed closely, the pixels are mushy, but I at least was able to get some shots. Instead of using flash to photograph the Mardi Gras begging in the crowd, I was able to shoot down from the balcony to photograph begging Mardi Gras who were illuminated by the spotlight used for the show’s television broadcast.

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