Cajun Accordion Kings III, Liberty Theater, March 30. 2019
Cajun Accordions Kings III, presented by Steve Riley Productions at the Liberty Theater March 30, 2019, offered a packed crowd a chance to listen to music by four top Cajun accordionists and to learn about their musical history. Jason Frey, Paul Daigle, Donny Broussard, and Reggie Matte each played an unaccompanied tune and then performed some of their signature songs along with other Cajun favorites. In between songs, emcee Steve Riley interviewed them about how they began as accordionists and interesting stories from their lives as Cajun musicians. Fiddler Ken Smith, a member of bands headed by Jason Frey and Paul Daigle, performed with them. High Performance, including Jason Bergeron, Jamey Bearb, Richard Comeaux, Brazos Huval, and Kevin Dugas, served as the stage band for the show.

All in all, the third show in Steve Riley Productions’ Cajun Accordion Kings series provided another extraordinary evening of Cajun music combined with fascinating details from the lives of top Cajun musicians.

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All of the photos were taken from the balcony, mostly with a Sigma 150-600 mm lens. Wide shots of the dance floor were taken with a Nikon 24-70 mm lens, including two photos with flash and two with available light, all of them double-processed to try to balance light on the stage with the darker dance area. Shots of the finale were taken with a Nikon 70-200 mm lens to be able to cover the entire stage (the Sigma lens set at 150 mm offers only partial coverage).

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