19th annual Tribute to Hank Williams, Liberty Theater, Jan. 12, 2019
After 19 years, Terry Huval and the other phenomenal musicians he recruits are still drawing capacity crowds to the annual Tribute to Hank Williams that premiered at the Liberty Theater in 2000.

As it has ever year, the 19th annual show, held Jan. 12, 2019, featured Hugh Harris. Not only does he physically resembles Hank Williams but the timbre and tone of his voice resonate with the heartfelt emotional power of Hank’s music. Jo-EL Sonnier and Yvette Landry performed at the show for the first time this year. Other vocalists included Terry Huval and his son Luke Huval, and Benjamin Bruce, 10-year-old grandson of the late Vin Bruce, to whom the show was dedicated. Benjamin, who sang Hank’s lyrics in both English and French, first performed last year with his grandfather in the audience.

In addition to Terry Huval on steel guitar, I believe almost all of the members of the stage band have been part of the tribute since the beginning: Gina Forsyth on fiddle; Bobby Dumatrait on rhythm guitar; Kenneth David on upright bass; Tony Huval on drums; and Kyle Harris, brother of Hugh Harris, on lead guitar. Hardy Harris, son of Hugh Harris, joined his father and uncle for a special set featuring guitar solos. Barry Ancelet has hosted every show.

Near the end of the show, Hugh Harris’s performance of “Honky Tonk Blues” segued into D.L. Menard’s “La port d’en arrière” with Jo-EL Sonnier on accordion and vocals, joined during an encore (host Barry Ancelet called out “un autre ‘tit bout”) by Yvette Landry singing harmony on the refrain. D.L. borrowed the basic tune for his song from Hank.

I took photos from the balcony during the first half of the show and then moved downstairs to the side of the stage before returning to the balcony for the last songs.

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