Lost Bayou Ramblers Grammy Send-off, Blue Moon Saloon, Jan. 20, 2018
Update: Congratulations to the Lost Bayou Ramblers. "Kalenda" won the Grammy Award in the Regional Roots Music Album Category, presented in New York City Jan. 28, 2018. Last week, the band announced that they will be "taking a hiatus" after this spring, ending almost twenty years of touring on a really high note of national recognition. Check out their Facebook page for details. (According to Herman Fuselier's report from the Grammys, Louis Michot said the band may postpone the hiatus until Halloween.)

The photos in this album were taken during the first twenty minutes of a Grammy Send-off Party for the Lost Bayou Ramblers at the Blue Moon Saloon beginning at midnight Saturday, Jan. 19, 2018. (The event started at 10 p.m. with another band; the Lost Bayou Ramblers performed in the early hours of Jan. 20.) The Lost Bayou Ramblers’ CD “Kalenda” (also available in vinyl) is one of five recordings nominated to receive the Best Regional Roots Music award that will be presented at the Grammy Awards Jan. 28 in New York City.

Midnight is considerably past my bedtime, so I did not stay for the rest of the performance and headed back to Eunice by 12:30. Since the stage lights were turned off, the stage area was fairly dark. I took the majority of the shots at high ISOs in available light, but I used low power bounce flash for other photos. The Blue Moon was packed. Since I had to squeeze in next to the front of the stage, the only way I could get wider shots was to use a wide angle lens.

“Kalenda,” the title track of the Grammy-nominated CD, returns the Cajun standard “Allons danser Colinda” to its Afro-Caribbean roots with a rich, magical mix of layers of percussion and instrumentation, even including Spider Stacy’s tin whistle and a cello, while Louis Michot chants lyrics with a rhythm that suggests the song’s origins (according to one web site) as a voodoo dance brought to Louisiana from San Domingo and the Antilles by slaves: www.frenchcreoles.com/ArtTheater/CalindaDance/calindadanc.... Spider Stacy also plays the tin whistle on “Si j’aurais des ailes,” a kind of Cajun-Irish drinking song. The CD opens with "Sabine Turnaround," a percussive arrangement of the "Lacassine Special" melody with lyrics about lost love. Other cuts on the CD blend the band’s emphasis on strong rhythms and musical experimentation with Cajun music, creating innovative sounds that draw on Louisiana’s rich musical heritage to offer an abundance of sonic surprises.

For more information about the band, go to www.lostbayouramblers.com/ or www.facebook.com/LostBayouRamblers/.

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