E-Journal Interview with Takemiya Masaki 9P
When “Cosmic Go” master Takemiya Masaki stopped by the Nihon Ki-in last Friday to check out the World Amateur Go Championship, he sat down for his first E-Journal interview. Takemiya was born in Tokyo in 1951 and was a disciples of the Minoru Kitani school, rising to fame began when he was just 15 years old, when he was already 5 dan. Earning the nickname "9 dan killer" when he won several games against top rated players, his "cosmic style" focused on large moyo in the center of the board. Known for his consistency in winning titles, the longest period in which he did not hold a title has only been 4 years, and as recently as 2005 he had an impressive run of 16 straight wins, which was stopped by Omori Yasushi in the qualifiers for the 3rd World Oza. Takemiya also won the biggest Japanese backgammon tournament, the 12th Saint of the Board title, by beating the former holder, Abe Akiko.
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