Playing with Light

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Take a disposable camera, (for the flash parts), steal, borrow, beg, be given a mood light ball, (thanks girls, love you!), and cram the DIY flash inside it. Then scratch your head as to how you're going to fire the camera on your lonesome, (so cobble together a foot operated shutter remote control from an old computer mouse!), throw it all in the air along with some glass marbles and 'clutter-clunk', (aren't dSLR's noisy things!?!), you get something like this :-)

(Then spend ages trying to find all the marbles and pick them up!)

Now if I can just come up with a set lit with another flash and a far better looking model :-p then job's a good'un.

You'll be asking for EXIF data and 'strobist' details next won't you?!

OK here goes:

Camera - Yes, it does help
Lens - Yes, that's another helpful thing
Shutter - Hmm, pretty fast, just a quick click, maybe 1/180th for the flash?
Aperture - Does it really matter? It's a 4/3rd sensor so will you be converting the DOF?
ISO - Yes, it does that too
Focal length - Err, about half way through the zoom
White Balance - Go figure, auto certainly doesn't work
Exposure Program - Manual, manual, manual, auto just doesn't cut it

Strobist/Strobe/Flash information? OK.

DIY flash crammed into a mood light ball, 80uF@320V so that'd be about 4 watts a second. Yes! A whole 4 watts!
On board flash fired, well something had to trigger the slave in the ball didn't it? Yeah, yeah, alright it fired at 1/64th power and had a DIY infra red filter over it so it actually played no part in the final exposure whatsoever.

Bit of tinkering with the flash slave circuit to accommodate a 'pre-flash' and this could be taken just as well with a compact point & shoot.

Cameras aren't everything, just a bit of knowledge and we all can be playing with light :-)

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  1. Mauritius100 90 months ago | reply

    Sort of "he's got the whole world in his hands" ... or did someone say that already
    ( in a bit of a rush ... so no time to read more than your comment at the beginning)
    Brilliant idea, super photo ..... and laughed at the explanation. So how many times did you have to pick up the marbles ... I expect not very often ... you would have got bored otherwise.
    You chose the right model and expression for this too!

  2. Victor W. 90 months ago | reply

    Thanks ever so much to all for your comments and faves, really appreciated and brings a very big smile to my face :-)

    Hi Mauritius - Does look a bit miniature universe like. Thankyou very much :-) It took about 3 or 4 shots to get it right, throwing it all in the air whilst staring at the lens and hitting the modified mouse to fire the camera. But you're right, I would've given up after half a dozen attempts or so!
    (Terrible really but then I don't waste time that way.)
    Thanks again Mauritius, really appreciated :-)

  3. Alfonso Cuitiño 90 months ago | reply

    This is incredible, really! And you're right, cameras aren't everything. I've always used compacts, you can still create great images =D

  4. crankykoopa 89 months ago | reply

    All the DIY effort was definitely worth it. Great self portrait!!!

  5. Victor W. 89 months ago | reply

    Hi Kenneth :-)
    Thanks very much. I enjoy the DIY and if it can get me results, (without costing a lot!), then it's all worth it. Plus I find it fun :-)
    Thanks again.

  6. Nick Haigh 88 months ago | reply

    you have some great shots & some interesting DIY projects that maybe useful ;o)

  7. Victor W. 88 months ago | reply

    Hi Nick. Thanks, appreciate it.
    Problem is I have some interesting ideas and can build all the junk but I've still got a lot to learn about photography(!) Which is a good thing really as I wouldn't enjoy it half as much otherwise :-)

  8. Steve and his really incredible camera 80 months ago | reply

    This is stunning, I love the fact that you have an idea and set about ways and means to put it all together. must be a huge sence of satisfaction when you spend time putting it all together to see the end result. only wish i had more time to try things like this, i love pulling things apart and experimenting.

  9. Victor W. 80 months ago | reply

    Hiya Steve. Thanks very much :-)
    Like most people I do enjoy a challenge, some people like crosswords, others jigsaws and this is really no different. Often wish I had more time and nowadays people seem to be selling the junk they usually threw away before so pickings are thin on the ground. But you're right, great sense of achievement gained from what is essentially playing. (Still got a lot more about photography to learn!)
    I liked your profile statement, "The most important thing to remember when taking photographs is to enjoy what you are doing." Couldn't agree more :-)

    Catch up with you sometime, bit late in the night now but thanks for the comment, really appreciated. See you around.

  10. Terapixel² 79 months ago | reply

    Awesome work! Great results.

  11. Christina Prendergast 78 months ago | reply

    This is fabulous, simply fabulous!

  12. Becky Netley 78 months ago | reply

    That is unbelieveably clever!! So impressed!

  13. Anything photography 78 months ago | reply

    Great shot, shows alot of talent.

    seen in explore!

  14. MKozmeniuk 78 months ago | reply

    Very cool :)

  15. [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

    well done

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