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    Thanks to everyone for your comments, faves and invites.

    Explored #2 as of 27th September 2010. (Sheesh, my ugly mug in explore! Who'd have thought!)

    Featured on DIYPhotography (Thanks Udi!)

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

    This is the first result of my DIY Hurricane Lantern Flash

    Fancy location? Nah, just the backyard on a suitably British overcast day.
    Fancy props? Nope, just a rain coat and my DIY flash.
    Fancy post processing? Well if you can call an old copy of paintshop 8 fancy, no not really. Actually this is pretty much straight out of the camera with a few tweaks here and there.

    If this sort of stuff takes your fancy then it wouldn't go amiss to check out the
    DIY Photography site. There's a whole host of imaginative DIY ideas that'll keep you occupied for a while.

    Also check out the Strobist site if you want to find out how to light your photography up with flashes/strobes. (There's a good section on how to balance ambient and flash that I remembered whilst doing this!)

    Strobist info:- Olympus E410, 1/160th sec @ F9. Camera's onboard flash set to 1/64th just to trigger the DIY flashes sensor, (no exposure gained from this).
    Oh, flash output....hmmm let me see, 305 volts with 120uF capacitor, accounting for losses that's got to be around 5 w/s. Oh yes, a whole 5 watts but then it only had to light my ugly mug :-)

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    1. gottanew1 43 months ago | reply

      ...........{ just contributing to PAGE 3 acquisition }

    2. lam create 43 months ago | reply

      all around, amazing....

    3. gianpaolo4 43 months ago | reply

      Original shot.

    4. Em0312 43 months ago | reply

      Look at the amount of views this has got Victor! Cool! :-)

    5. Victor W. 43 months ago | reply

      Thanks again everyone, really appreciated :-)

      Hiya Art - Ha! Yeah caught your comment in there. Not quite 3 pages yet ;-)

      Hi Em' - I know it's good, but it's been a bit of a pain as I'd like to catch up with everyone, (there's some great work on some unique photostreams out there!) Problem is there's only little old me and I don't want to lose out on catching my long term contacts who've stood with me since day one.

      Thanks again to everyone that has visited and enjoyed this image, it really is very appreciated. I'm afraid I'm finding it hard to catch up with all your work and may have to give it up as a hapless task which really bothers me. I have made some interesting contacts since and seen some fantastic work on unique and interesting photostreams, a real treat for the eye and stimulation for the brain. It's been so overwhelming that I'm finding it hard to give you all the attention you really deserve and more importantly I mustn't forget the people that I have met and who have stood by me over the last couple of years here on flickr.
      I only wish I could enjoy the same level of conversation and helpful assistance I have already experienced with my friends on here with each and everyone of you.

      "I am but a drop of water in an ocean of art and creativity. It does not dilute me but makes me part of a greater whole, as for without those individual drops the vast oceans and seas could not exist and the world would be a much poorer place."

    6. scalespeeder 43 months ago | reply

      Great photo Victor!

    7. Rui Almeida. 43 months ago | reply

      great shot
      congratulations for the explore
      Seen in the interestingness archives. ( ?² )

    8. scancapman 43 months ago | reply

      Okay this one really is annoying. I hate this picture. Not because of all the work that went into it but for the unblievable lack of work that went into it ..... and because I should have thought of such a brilliant idea and done it first.

    9. Victor W. 43 months ago | reply

      Hiya Rob - Sorry mate, missed your comment. Thanks ever so much :-)

      Hi Rui - Thanks, very appreciated.

      Hiya Bernie - Ha, Ha! Love your comment. Yes, for a test shot and a quick idea it got a lot more feedback than I could ever have imagined, quite taken me aback. I agree, I hate it too ;-)
      Thanks Bernie, really appreciated!

      Thanks again to everyone for your comments and faves, much appreciated.

    10. ffejeroni 43 months ago | reply

      This is awesome.

    11. Rory Coomey's Photography 43 months ago | reply

      Excellent shot and the DIY...Brilliant...

    12. njl-photolog 42 months ago | reply

      ROFLMAO, I love how you said (in later descriptions) that this was a test shot, and it made it all the way to #2 on Explore! Classic sir! Sometimes the least planned shot turns out to be the most original and striking.

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the DIY electronics for lighting.

    13. Victor W. 42 months ago | reply

      Thanks to everyone and glad you've enjoyed this :-)

      Hi Neils - Ha, ha! Yes, I was surprised by the reaction to it all. I just enjoy photography and try to share anything I can, it's all supposed to be fun after all. I'm warming to the image though and will be using the idea further for some 'proper' shots, (and they'll probably not make explore at all!) Enjoyed viewing your photostream btw. Thanks :-)

    14. Art-Chick-Prisca [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

      Awesome love this! I have a red one, just like yours:))

    15. Ed_X 35 months ago | reply

      great picture. Those little flashes come in very handy. Will be building a few for myself as well.

    16. Victor W. 35 months ago | reply

      Hiya Ed - Thanks. Those little flash units are handy bits of kit but this all got me far more attention than I expected, (and the deluge of mails asking for schematics etc. Hard to help everyone with just me on my own and some spare time!) I shall keep an eye out for your circuits and resulting images :-)
      (I do plan on returning to this little foray and hopefully with much less attention.)

    17. EvelAcey 32 months ago | reply

      This is so dramatic! I love the fact you haven't done much post processing!

    18. Aussie CaTE 31 months ago | reply

      super brilliant!!!!! you rule in DIY and concepts!

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