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The Tooth, The Whole Tooth & Nothing But The Tooth

Or "probably not the best passport photos in the world......"


I have to admit I've been a kinda crappy contact this past few months, actually probably this last year. Posting the odd picture up and then running, only occasionally stopping past your photostreams for a quick peer, once in a while dropping my usual silly comments, but not much else.


Age has been kicking in and unfortunately not all down to that greyness in the beard, receding hairline or even having to wear my spectacles more than I care to admit to!


In and out of hospital like a yo-yo this last year and unfortunately most of the visits were for the embarrassing, far less discussed types of surgery. If it wasn't one end it was the other and I'll never laugh at anyone that has to spend a month of Sundays sat on a rubber ring ever again, (although some of you are cracking up laughing at that right now!) Nor will I ever laugh at anyone who has no option but to slurp their dinner after it's been rigorously through a blender, (yeah, probably going 'eurgh' at that last mention aren't you - either that or still cracking up laughing - do you have a good psychiatrist?)


You won't find a previous self portrait of me smiling, but now I've got something to smile about.... or rather with!


Yep, falsies, gnashers, dentures, false teeth whatever you might want to call them, now a permanent fixture in my getting in and out of bed routine. But you'd be amazed how many people that condoned the state of my teeth haven't even noticed the new smile until it's pointed out to them. Yes, I love to point it out, maybe to prove a point but also to make things like this spoken about much more as I was surprised how many people I know have been through the same, some even younger than me, and not once noticed.


So there you go, other things on my mind....


However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you. When I have been around you all have been just as welcome as ever which I really appreciate. A few of you have gone further and sent mails to ask if all was OK, I've had get well cards from some of you who I've never met, and one of you put a fair few air miles behind you just to visit.


Really makes you feel wonderful to be alive, stood on this ball of rock hurtling through space occupied by clever upright monkeys :-)


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Taken on September 26, 2010