Canada-U.S.: Lake Memphremagog
There were at least eight lighthouses on the lake. Three were on the U.S. side (Vermont):
- Maxfield Point, west side of the lake, about 5 miles from Newport
- Whipple Point, west side, about 3 miles from Newport
- Newport Wharf
and five on the Canadian side (Quebec):
- Witch Shoal, near Magog
- Black Point, a.k.a. Green Point, west side, 3 miles from Witch Shoal
- Wadleigh Point, west side, 4 miles from Black Point
- Molson's Island, east side, about 7 miles SSE of Wadleigh Point
- Lead Mines, west side, 4 miles from Molson's Island
None of them have survived.
No images of the Newport Wharf and Wadleigh Point lighthouses have been found so far.
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