CCNY Art Collection
The City College art collection encompasses contemporary works acquired through Percent for Art projects, historic portraits and commissioned works, ancient artifacts and early casts, and the gifts of generous alumni, faculty and friends of the College. In the collection can be found, for example:

* Portraits by Samuel Johnson Woolf, George Rufus Boynton and Mervin Jules
* Works by WPA artists Raphael Soyer, Louis Lozowick and Georges Schreiber
* Murals by Edwin Howland Blashfield, A.J. Bogdanove, Walter Pach (Class of 1903) and Charles Alston
* Etchings by Charles F.W. Mielatz, Stephen Parrish, Paul Adolphe Rajon, John Dahmicke and Mariano Fortuny
* Photography by Marilyn Bridges, Lucien Clergue, Elliott Erwitt, Andreas Feininger, Harold Feinstein, Larry Fink, Sally Gall, Ralph Gibson, Jerome Liebling, Robert Mapplethorpe, Mary Ellen Mark, Joel Meyerowitz, Dorothy Norman and Gilles Peress
* The Marathon Stone
* An 1830s set of casts of the Frieze of the Parthenon or "Elgin Marbles"
* 18 paintings and etchings by Ralph Fabri
* The Charles Z. Offin (Class of 1920) bequest of post-Impressionist pieces and mid-20th century works by Picasso, Braque, Derain, Manessier, and Miro. It encompasses 13 works by Jacques Fuchs, many of Mr. Offin's own etchings, and numerous other items.

Percent for Art contemporary projects run the gamut from a one-piece commission (Gonzalo Fonseca) for Aaron Davis Hall, built in 1979, to the 74-piece installation in Steinman Hall, upon completion of renovation in 1998. Romare Bearden, Yeou Jui Cho, Lisa Dinhofer, April Gornik, Keith Haring, Susan Kaprov, Mary Ann Unger and Kay Walkingstick, among many others, are represented in our collection.


Inquiries regarding loans for exhibition may be addressed to: Prof. Ellen Handy, Art Department, Compton-Goethals 109, The City College, 160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031. This database is maintained by the City College Libraries in collaboration with Prof. Ellen Handy [].


No permission for re-use of these images is implied by access to them and the technical capacity to download them. Written permission to publish or otherwise use these images must be obtained from Prof. Ellen Handy, Art Department, Compton-Goethals 109, The City College, 160 Convent Ave., New York, NY 10031. Images may be printed out or saved to disk. Please note that these on-line images are unsuitable for publication.
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