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Arline M. Hammond (obverse)

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This photo is the source of the residual image on the reverse of the Hugh H. Butterfield photograph. On the reverse, written in the same handwriting as on the Butterfield photo, is the name Arline M. Hammond. I believe she is the same Arline M. Hammond who appeared in the 1900, Troy, Orleans County, Vermont census as the daughter of Fred and Frances Hammond. Fred's occupation was as a merchant. According FamilySearch.org, Arline was born 30 Nov 1885, and married Levi Houston Vermillion. on 5 Sep 1906. Levi and Arline appeared in the 1910, Princeton City, Mercer County, West Virginia census with their three month old son, Frederick L. Vermillion. Levi's occupation was General Practice Dentist. I found them again in the 1920 Mercer County, West Virginia census with 10 year son, Frederick, and 3 year old daughter, Frances. By 1930, Levi and son, Frederick were living in Princeton, West Virginia, in the household of Levi's older brother, James, and was listed as divorced. See Series: T626 Roll: 2546 Page: 4

I was wondering how these two got hooked up. I found Miss Arline M. Hammond listed in the April, 1905 West Virginia school journal, Volume 34, where she had been hired as the music teacher at the Concord Normal School in Athens, West Virginia.

I found L. H. Vermillion listed as a 1904 graduate of The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in The Dental cosmos, Volume 46.

Seeking descendants

  1. phototrack123 61 months ago | reply

    I found Arline, age 34, and Levi, age 40, in the 1920, Princeton City, Mercer County, West Virginia census with 10 year old son, Frederick and 3 year old daughter, Frances. Levi was still a practicing dentist.

    For 1930, I found dentist Levi and son, Frederick in the Princeton City, First Ward, Mercer County, West Virginia census. They were living in the household of Levi's brother, James R. Vermillion, also a dentist. Levi was listed as divorced, and Frederick's occupation was "none." I have found no further trace of Arline or daughter Frances.
    See census Series: T626 Roll: 2546 Pages: 4 & 5

    Still seeking descendants

  2. phototrack123 61 months ago | reply

    Further info:
    Levi H, Vermillion died 15 May 1949 in Princeton, West Virginia of a cerebral hemorrhage. Arline M. Hammond Vermillion died 9 Mar 1950 in Washington County, Vermont. They had been married in 1906. Their children were Frederick Levi Vermillion born 1n 1909, and Frances Arline Vermillion born in 1917.

  3. anyjazz65 60 months ago | reply

    As always, your research is stunning.

  4. phototrack123 60 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the kudos, AJ.

    I searched for the death record of Arline Moore Hammond Vermillion without success. I then found her daughter, Frances Vermilion, in the 1930, Orleans County, Troy, Vermont census, age 13, listed as a step-daughter in the household of Walter Wright, age 25, and his wife, Arline, age 44.

    Searching for the death record of Arline Wright led me to death record of Arline M. Wright, born November 3, 1885, died March 6, 1950, in the State Hospital at Waterbury, Vermont. Her address indicated she had lived in Burlington, Vermont for the previous year and a quarter and her occupation was listed as music teacher. The cause of death was "Essential hypertension leading to Bronchopneumonia and Cerebral thrombosis."

    On confirming her death date and location, i searched for, and found, her obituary in the Burlington Free Press, March 10, 1950.

    Mrs. Arline H. Wright

    NORTH TROY, March 9 -- Mrs. Arline Hammond Wright, 64, widow of Walter Wright of North Troy, died March 9. following a lingering illness.

    She was born in Troy, Vt., Nov. 3, 1885, daughter of Frederick and Frances Chandler Hammond. She taught music at Marshall College, Huntington, W. Va., and Concord College, Athens, W. Va.

    She was twice married. In 1906 she married Dr. Levi Vermillion of Princeton, W. Va., and in 1929 to Walter Wright of North Troy. She is survived by two children, Frederick Vermillion of Princeton, W. Va., and Frances Vermillion Devlin of Van Nuys, Calif.; three grandchildren, Joan Vermillion of Princeton, W. Va., and Timothy and Barbara Devlin of Van Nuys, Calif., a sister, Mrs. Duncan Livingston of St. Albans; two nephews, Hammond Livingston of Willsboro, N. Y., and David Livingston of St. Albans, and niece, June Livingston of St. Albans.

    Funeral services will be held at the Congregational Church, North Troy, Vt., Saturday at 2:30 p. m. where Mrs. Wright was organist and choir director for many years.

    Still seeking descendants.

  5. anyjazz65 60 months ago | reply

    Just two cents:

    Hammonds seem to be thick on the east coast US. I only know of the one famous one, John Hammond the jazz promoter.

  6. phototrack123 58 months ago | reply

    Good news! I have been in correspondence with a descendant of Arline's sister, Katherine. He has filled in many of the details of the family.

    [Y]our research in the comments section describes the Hammond family history perfectly.

    Some more information...Arline (the oldest) and my grandmother Kathrine (the youngest b. 1901) also had a sister named Rachel (not sure of the exact dates but my mother seems to think she was born about 5 years after Arline). Unfortunately, Rachel was born with a heart condition of some kind which led to her death sometime during her 30s. Interestingly, Rachel was actually married to Walter Wright first. He then married Arline after Rachel's death.

    As you discovered, Arline and Levi had a daughter named Frances. Kathrine's husband (my grandfather) Rev. Duncan Livingston was the minister at St. Albans, VT Congregational Church for 21 years. Towards the end of his life, he constructed a family history and wrote this about Frances:

    "[Frances] was graduated from the State Teacher's College, Potsdam, NY in the Crane Dept. of Music. She was privileged during her junior year to be among the first class to study abroad, and sang in the trio at the University of Berlin and were the last Americans to broadcast from that University prior to World War II. She sang over Radio NBC for ten years with "The Three Reasons" and "The Symphonettes" and later they made records with Frank Sinatra; sang with Happy Felton; early Fred Waring when the Pennsylvanians entertained President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington; made a movie short "Music with a Smile" (Warner Bros.). In her later years in California she sang with the unseen chorus in the movie "Oklahoma," and "Finnian's Rainbow." It was my privilege to unite Frances in marriage with Paul Devlin in the Congregational Church in Rutland, Vermont. Paul was a very handsome young man, a student of the American Academy of Arts. He was an Arthur Murray Star, and a model for "Mademoiselle" and the "Ladies Home Journal." They now live in California, have a son and a daughter -- Timothy and Barbara. Frances was a charming young woman, kindly, friendly, cheerful and lovable, and undoubtedly these characteristics are true of her still." (November 14, 1968)

    My sister, mother, and uncle (who was old enough to have known Arline as an adult) were thrilled to see the photo. The magic of the Internet:)

    Arline's grandnephew (right?) is continuing research on my behalf. I expect Arline to be reunited with her family soon. Hey anyjazz65, are you familiar with the "The Three Reasons" or "The Symphonettes"?

  7. phototrack123 57 months ago | reply

    Even better news! The Arline M. Hammond photo has been returned to her granddaughter.

    It was amazing to see the photo, which I recognized, and all of the history you have collected, much of which I did not know. I want to thank you for your persistence and for all the time you spent on this endeavor...
    Sadly I have little recollection of my grandmother, She was a part of our life while [we] were very, very young. She stayed with Frances while Paul was serving overseas. We did not see her again after moving to California in 1947. I am very grateful for the information you uncovered about my grandmother Arline... The good news is that Arline has 4 wonderful great grandchildren and 6 incredible great great grandchildren. They all reside in California. One day we will be united in the presence of Lord.

    I will gladly accept the photo of Arline M. Hammond on behalf of my family...
    We thank you very, very much for purchasing Arline's photograph and for the time and effort you spent researching her history to locate us! I look forward to sharing her photo with my brother and the rest of my family.

    This photograph has been added to the Rescued photos set.

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