NYU RTI Training: 21st-Century Museum Professionals Grant Program
Thanks to funding from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) 21st-Century Museum Professionals grant program, the CHI team delivered a RTI training session at New York University, focusing on art conservation for graduate students and professionals. This program reached an audience that is key to RTI adoption in art conservation.

In March 2011, the CHI team traveled to NYU. A big bite of the big apple was taken, and at its core was a group of brilliant students. Learning to capture, process, and examine RTI files, the 4-Day hands on intensive training empowered and enlightened minds as well as strobe lights.

Shot on location at the Conservation Center labs at Chang House at NYU, this image gallery represents various moments from that event.

CHI is excited about this project and its ongoing trainings. CHI is grateful for the opportunity to share our expertise in new imaging technologies with others.

We are extremely grateful to the IMLS for funding for this endeavor.
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