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Resplendent Ranitomeya | by antonsrkn
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Resplendent Ranitomeya

Mimic Poison Frog (Ranitomeya imitator) - Cordillera Escallera, Peru


If you like poison frogs you're in luck. because I plan to post an almost absurd amount of photos of this and other species that I encounter during my time in Peru. By now those of you that follow my photostream might know that I'm in Peru working with Ranitomeya imitator, a fantastic little frog. The first thing that surprised me about these frogs when I joined the lab was their size, they're truly tiny! Much smaller than the other species I have encountered in Central and South America. The other difference is that they're primarily arboreal, they really seem to try hard to avoid the ground and are most often seen hanging out on vegetation and often hopping around on vines and tree trunks, only rarely do I actually see them on the ground and its usually when I have disturbed them and they are fleeing. These frogs are also extremely skittish which combined with their small size and arboreal nature as well as their densely vegetated homes makes photography an (enjoyable) challenge. So despite seeing many of these nearly everyday, which in itself is an accomplishment as during my first few days here I had real difficulty finding them, times when I can get an actual photo set with these frogs are not that common. This individual was a fantastic frog that was rather placid when compared to its compatriots and actually allowed me to get a bit creative with its photos. Not one of my study frogs but a frog from an adjacent territory, based on the size I suspect this to be a female. Females are slightly larger and fatter than males but other than that they are completely similar in appearance. Hope you enjoy this photo, many more to come!


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Taken on May 19, 2016