Ingo Gunther, World Processor

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    Ingo Günther, World Processor, 1988-2006

    30 illuminated globes on stands

    At first glance, Ingo Günther’s glowing globes exude an aura of times past; evoking libraries from the Age of Enlightenment when such globes were on the front lines of scientific discovery. A closer look reveals that Günther has overlaid his globes with current geo-social and scientific data collected from institutions, governments, and media sources around the world, raising issues of globalization as neutrally as possible. He explains, “I make a conscious effort to let the data speak and not to make a personal statement.”

    As communications technology makes the world seem increasingly smaller while globalization makes it economically “flatter,” what is the effect on us as a people, and on our economies, our nations, and our planet? Wandering through the illuminated sea of globes, viewers can draw their own conclusions and make their own visual hyperlinks. For instance, what are the relationships between the globes entitled “TV Ownership” and “Energy Consumption;” between “Infant Mortality Rates” and “Landlocked Nations;” and between the various “Post-WWII Peaceful Countries?” This is World(view) processing.

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      Ingo, it's Geoff. My e mail address is I would love to reunite our friendship. Things have changed radically for the better. Hope to hear from you.

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