• Oooo hello mini - smoochee
  • They made me so happy. I moved them over here when we moved the bed. First thing I see when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes the littlest things mean a lot. Craig asked if we could have a whole wall of bright mini blocks!
  • Stack of quilt books behind Haruki Murakami's 1Q84. Barbara Brackman, Kumiko's ABC Patchwork and the 163 book. sometimes I just flip through them before bed.
  • Us.
  • Craig's cufflinks.
  • Stray threads. They never goes away on this velcro carpet. I wish we owned so that we could put in laminate floors.
  • Ok...all these notes to explain things and yet no note here....on the oddest thing in a bedroom. Not so odd in my area but I'm in California....you are in Australia...an explanation is needed! Craig can't take a siesta without a Sombero? I'm picturing him propped up against the headboard, head down, sombero over his face, legs lazily crossed...snoozing. - Sew and So Much More
  • Doesn't everyone keep a sombrero on their nightstand?

Off the rails.

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It was supposed to be a queen size log cabin or lots of Good Folks squares. Somewhere along the way, it fell off it's rails.

It's now either going to be like Kaffe's Bordered diamonds or a Jane Austin quilt without a medallion.

Yes, I cut a zillion diamonds without a plan. Reckless. Livin' on the edge. I thought I better decide how they were being bordered and sashed before I cut any more.

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  1. Sew and So Much More 80 months ago | reply

    amy You should totally do that!

  2. badskirt 80 months ago | reply

    Ideally, we'd just get a whole new bed and side tables. We've carried these along quite a bit. They've been in Canada, Sydney, Brisbane, Sydney and another part of Sydney. That's a heck of a lot of globetrotting for these guys.

  3. smoochee 80 months ago | reply

    There is only one thing that springs to mind when i see a sombrero on the bedside table ...

  4. badskirt 80 months ago | reply

    33 seems to be the number of diamonds that I can border in a day before my eyes go all wonky. I guess I'll be at this all week.

  5. goneaussiequilting 80 months ago | reply

    smoochee I'm with you! You can leave your hat on... amy Reason I have not finished my Jane Austen quilt. Can't seem to motivate to do my border diamonds.... Must find motivation energy.

  6. smoochee 80 months ago | reply

    Jeannette and I thought she liked firemen ....

  7. badskirt 80 months ago | reply

    For the record, nothing with pompoms (or dingle balls, as they were called where I grew up) turns me on.

  8. Linda Rotz Miller Quilts & Quilt Tops 80 months ago | reply

    Love the diamond quilt idea and the conversation is a hoot!

  9. Darci - Stitches&Scissors 80 months ago | reply

    that is awesome! Are you going to do a large diamond in the middle like Jane's quilt? I think I now have to add this quilt to my list is would be so fun.

  10. bulabean 80 months ago | reply

    dingle balls..LOL! I always call them dingleballs! ..people always look at me strangely and wonder what I am talking about. I suppose "pom poms" is the "correct" terminology?

  11. Lorena in Sydney 80 months ago | reply

    Wow, don't know how I missed this?? It just didn't come up on my feed? I love it, the diamonds look great.What happened to the GF? Too precious?

  12. badskirt 80 months ago | reply

    Lorena in Sydney Actually all of this is far more precious than my Good Folks. I got most of my GF on sale. Craig wasn't into the GF. He asked for something more bright, more pink and with more dogs. I've got most the diamonds bordered today and I'm assembling this. This will be the middle bit, bordered in grey with some other sort of scrappy border too... who knows?

  13. badskirt 80 months ago | reply

    I lost my camera this morning. I hunted for it for about an hour. Turns out, I had left it in his sombrero.

  14. badskirt 80 months ago | reply

    Lorena in Sydney remember when i was at your house last week and laughed at the little holes in your fabric? Mine now all have giant diamonds cut out of them. This made A LOT of odd size scraps.

  15. Lorena in Sydney 80 months ago | reply

    amy hahahaha!!!!! It's catch 22, pick out the best bits of your favourite fabrics and leave it looking like swiss cheese or use it all, even the boring bits between the fab motifs. And I agree this quilt has some amazing prints in it. I spot macarons and little shoes :-)

  16. badskirt 80 months ago | reply

    Lorena in Sydney I'm still chuckling about when you held up the blue text print and said "I could use this one on the back!" I could see straight through it. I thought "we're trying to cover 2.6 meters and you want to use a 5" strip with holes in it!?"

  17. Lorena in Sydney 80 months ago | reply

    amy oh yeah, now I'm laughing too!!

  18. capture1 80 months ago | reply

    I absolutely love your diamonds bordered in the other pictures, but a simple design like this on white is really awesome too! Hmmm, giving me ideas.

  19. badskirt 80 months ago | reply

    capture1 Yes. They do look good on white, but "lots of color and no white" was a very specific request from the manfolk of the house! Have you googled the Jane Austen quilts? And did you see Jeannette's awesome tip for bordering in white? She mentioned that it's easier to sash two sides of each diamond then assemble. It's easier to line up than one long strip. This might be a well known trick, but it totally made a lightbulb go off in my head.

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