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You drive along Cecil County roads long enough and you'll see some amazing things. There's activists, a Tour duPont bike race, Olympic torches, Hands Across America, the list goes on. When you live between Washington D.C. and New York City, there's no telling what will come along.

So while traveling along Route 40 on Monday morning, passerby's were treated not by Mr. Atlas who held the Earch over his head, but by Erik Bendl from Louisville, Kentucky who's rolling it. On Earth Day, April 22nd, he began rotating the 80 pound planet from D.C. in route to Maine for a good cause.

"I'm working with DESA (Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association) this year," he said.

Bendl keeps busy promoting and walking the country with his dog "Nice" which is a bull mixed with Rhodesian Ridgeback while rolling "World" as he calls it.

"We walked Kentucky to Kansas, Louisville to Pittsburgh, to the top of Pike's Peak and now we're on our way to Maine."

Bendl's reason to walk is dedicated to his mom Gerta Bendl who had diabetes and lived to age 54.

"She was a state representative in Kentucky and had diabetes. She took care of everyone else and not herself. My uncle (also with diabetes) is 83 and is still alive."

While on these long trek's he blogs about his travels through his Blackberry cell phone everyday.

To check it out, click here, www.worldguy.org.

(Cecil Guardian)

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Taken on May 10, 2010