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January 12th, 2010 - 12 - Television rules the Nation Around the world

January 12th 2009


so this picture was a biiiiizznitch to create i seriously had so many things i wanted to do with this picture but i stopped because its like been 5 hours since i started playing around with the picture so yeah i need to stopp that haha but i really do i like this picture a lot

and ive been meaning to do this picture for like this whole past year, lol 2 weeks but yeah thats that and right now im not sure i like this i was thinking about putting text on the picture but then i was like no i need to stopp and just sleep lol so yeah i stopped and yeah i should head to sleep haha


um so i found out i have a roommate idk how im feeling about that eeek oh well well see so i think im going to go back to my dorm room thursday night or friday morning not quite sure yet but yea thats gonna happen and im probably gonna have bad pictures when i go back over there idk why but it just weird for me to take pictures there

sooo yeah ohh and im looking into a job at the university newspaper as a digital artist/photographer or at the Iowa Memorial Union as a photographer


should i do it? >.<

its all on yall! haha


but yeah i love daft punk i freaking cant wait til they tour again im def gonna be at their tour you better believe i will travel for them :)

so i give you Television rules the nation - around the world from their Alive 2007 album


if you dont know of daft punk already idk what to sayy lol cause theyre pretty much the shitt and theyve been around for a good 17 years and how do you NOT know of one more time?! thats like idk

but bye yall for now :D


tell me whats up with you guys :)

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Taken on January 12, 2010