Gaza Simulacra

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    1. Poster Boy NYC 76 months ago | reply

      It makes more sense if you know these two paintings by Goya:
      and of course, what's going on in Gaza.

    2. Cake.. [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

      paging Baudrillard

    3. taiiiigagaga 76 months ago | reply

      Very appropriate, nice work.

    4. SuS... [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

      Powerful composition especially the tie with Goya's famous painting.
      Very well done!

    5. aka taya1 76 months ago | reply

      i'm using this in my blog to write about u .
      since I'm Israeli u can understamd why

    6. fredjhenzel 76 months ago | reply

      wow, bomb victims. Very powerfull indeeed

    7. f a t é 76 months ago | reply


      gallery art sucks.

    8. barlowstudio 75 months ago | reply

      makes me think of bombing victim in middle east and tragedy of Goya's painting.

    9. Javier Hernandez-Miyares 75 months ago | reply

      i'm comparing what you do to the work of the faux revolutionary artist shepard fairey, and the difference is extreme. i will paraphrase erik satie: "the true artist is prepared to make great sacrifices and his energy is tremendous..." continue to be fearless.

    10. Omiso 75 months ago | reply

      bold statement.. great job!

    11. Poster Boy NYC 75 months ago | reply

      thanks Javier. In lieu of the whole Fairy incident. I'm wondering If anyone knows who took the photo of the man carrying the child. I'd like to credit him/her. Not out of fear of a lawsuit, just out of respect.

    12. Javier Hernandez-Miyares 75 months ago | reply

      Maestro Poster Boy: you are a collage artist, and the source of your materials are as contemporary as the news cycle, and this month's madison avenue campaign. like kurt schwitters and his merz, you use found materials. therefore, i don't think that it is a moral imperative for you to attribute the authorship of everyone that contributed to the pieces of your mosaic; they have all been renumerated for their work in last months paycheck. the awful fairey has taken images from socially committed artists, and hijacked them for his own profit; he did that with an image that my friend rene mederos created for a cuban poster. i think that the a.p. is pissed at shepard, because his obama poster made it to the cover of time magazine, and the photographer of the image of obama was not credited. if i took that pic and it ended up on the cover of time, i would want people to know that shepard was jamming off of my riff. send me an e-mail at; i don't know how to get in touch with you directly.

    13. kesswest 74 months ago | reply

      oh my god!! that is so gd....... u r so famous man... we`re studing ur workshop at school now..... really good! pls can u comment on my photos..>>>> its gonna mean a lot to me. thanks

    14. scoprire 65 months ago | reply

      I'd have to say this has impressed me the most. I like how you put the new with the old and just the presentation of this is great.

    15. Poster Boy NYC 65 months ago | reply

      new, old...same cake, different frosting.

      thnks for the compliment scoprire, and everyone else. i really appreciate them.

    16. scoprire 65 months ago | reply

      anytime, man. what you're doing has opened new territory for many artists, i thank you for that.


      i appreciate the shadows, btw. it adds so much more value. i can see some of the schooling taking affect on your work, no? :P

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