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Chuck vs The Footlong - SAVE CHUCK! | by Cara_VSAngel
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Chuck vs The Footlong - SAVE CHUCK!

Chuck is one of the greatest shows on TV these days. Not a lot of people watch it, but its fanbase is a loyal one. The show is very heartfelt, hilarious, has great action, great soundtrack, fantastic plot, and it's sexy without being smutty. I especially love their sly pop culture references (e.g. Reginald VelJohnson, who played Sgt. Al Powell in the original Die Hard, recurring his role as Al Powell on an episode with a Christmas hostage situation... or their constant naming bad guys after villains from classic movies). It's been my family's favorite show since it premiered in 2007. It's a show that really just makes you feel good all over when you watch it. It never fails to please, and we would be devastated if it went off the air. But thanks to DVR's (and a great chunk of Chuck viewers are technology nerds, so it's to be expected), Nielson ratings are down, and the show IS in danger! So, Zachary Levi, star of the show, has started a campaign to save Chuck! Subway is Chuck's biggest sponsor. They even sneak the $5 Footlong jokes into the show whenever they can. So Zachary is asking everyone to go to Subway (biggest sponsor!!!) this Monday and order a $5 Footlong. It's a great, cheap, healthy lunch... so even if you're not a fan... why not go get one? Do it for me! And while you're there, drop a note in the suggestion box thanking Subway for sponsoring Chuck and asking them to help keep the show around! Also, if you can, please please please watch the Finale LIVE (NOT an hour later on DVR.... really, truly LIVE) this Monday night! And lastly, if you are a big fan, like me and my family, take the time to write some letters to the people in charge of it all.Now that you've read my summary of the situation, here are the details from



To Participate in the Finale and Footlong campaign I’m asking that fans…

1. Get the word out on this program. Lots of people want to help

Chuck, but may not have the time or inclination to write letters, but

the network will listen closer if we’re talking dollars.

2. Still, if you can…write letters to NBC & Universal telling

them why you think Chuck is great (Ben Silverman is Co-Chairman of NBC

and Angela Bromstad is with Primetime Programming). In that letter be

sure to mention that you’re going to be supporting Subway, one of

Chuck’s key sponsors by purchasing a $5 Footlong the evening of the

finale and that you’re spreading the word to convince more fans to do

the same…this is a way for non-Nielson fans to show their love of the

show by directly supporting one of Chuck’s key advertisers.

3. Write a thank you letter to Subway, letting them know what the fans

are trying to do here and thank them for their product placement spots

on Chuck.

4. Convert as many new fans as you can before the finale…we need the numbers.

5. On April 27th be sure to BUY A $5 FOOTLONG from Subway

and if possible, drop a note in the comment box at the franchise

letting them know you’re participating in the Finale and Footlong

campaign to save NBC’s Chuck, of which Subway is a product placement


6. Watch the finale LIVE if possible.

If you do nothing else…do the last two items on the list.

Again…the intent is to let the network and their sponsor know that

we’ve received their message. This is something a Nielson box can’t

do…this is a translation of fan loyalty into real dollars that NBC

& Subway can measure. Thanks for listening.


Bill Schettini

Subway - Chief Marketing Officer

325 Bic Drive

Milford, CT 06461

Ben Silverman

Co-Chairman NBC/Universal

3000 W. Alameda

Admin Building

Burbank, CA 91523

Angela Bromstad

President of Primetime Series NBC

100 Universal City Plaza

Bldg 1320, 4th Floor

Universal City, CA 91608

Sample Letters can be found HERE and HERE.

Big thanks to Wendy Farrington for this campaign!

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Taken on April 24, 2009