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Stars | by tonynetone
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Sirius= Also known as Alpha Canis Majoris- Is Sirius a Triple Star?


Canopus =Supergiant of spectral type F, second bringhtest Star aftr Sirius.


Rigil KentRigil Kent b-Also Alpha:Centauri=brightest star in Centaurus second nearest Star to the sun first Proxima Centauri.Rigel was actually a binary star system.


Arcturus=The Fourth-Brightest Star is about 20 times larger than the Sun t this bright star It is 115 times brighter than our Sun.


Vega= The Fifth brightest Star, Of the Summer Triangle


Capella=A brilliant Star the sixth brightest in the Sky so we can see from Earth.


Rigel= supergiant star 7 to 70 times more big as that of the sun,a star that is larger brighter due to their expanded size. Supergiants such as Betelgeuse and Rigel


Procyon=It is the eighth brightest star in the night sky Procyon is Greek for Before the Dog,the star rises before Sirius, star system Procyon A Procyon B, binary star system-part of the Winter Triangle.


Achernar = Brilliance is a bright, blue, (Achernar the End of the River in Arabic) 9th Bright Star so bright to its brilliance Achernar is a massive Star.


Betelgeuse=called Alpha Orionis variable brightness was first described in 1836 by Sir John Herschel, distinctive orange-red color, even to the naked eye.

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Taken on August 21, 2010