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Qin Shi Huangdi | by tonynetone
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Qin Shi Huangdi

Emperor was born in northern China Emperor Qin Shi Huang (259 BC - 210 BC)

insight into China’s First Emperor. (reigned 221–210 bc) born as Ying Zheng in 259 BC, was the son of the king of the Qin State.


Qin Shi Huang name First Emperor (Shi Huangdi, literally- Emperor. Ordered the construction of

The Great Wall of China was built by hundreds of thousands of people generally between 220 and 206 B.C.


So he sent his ministers with 500 young men and 500 young women to the eastern seas, or an campaign designed to elixir of immortality. were actively toxic in detail the creation of elixirs for immortality (mercury, sulfur, and the salts of mercury and arsenic died from ingesting a lethal dosage of mercury in the supposed "Elixir of Life" Qin Shi Huang was determined to live for as long as possible was the first emperor to control the whole China.


First Emperor Abolishing the existing nobility and replacing them with his appointed officials famous Terracotta Army.


Aspects of its system of government endured in imperial China imposed an extraordinary series of measures designed to reinforce the authority of the central government, the reason China suffers bitterly from the existence of feudal lords and kings.





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Taken on June 30, 2008